OMES has in its shopfloor 5 CN turning machines used to manu- facture a wide range of steel rings on customer’s drawing spec- ifications. After heat treatment, all rings are ground on the outer & inner diameters and heights by a CN grinding machine.


Recently, as for the pins, 100% Widia rings or steel rings with a Widia insert have partially replaced the traditional hardened steel products as they proved on the field an average lifetime up to 10 times higher in terms of abrasion and wear.


OMES purchases sintered blanks from leading national and international suppliers of tungsten carbide, then provides the machining in its shopfloor in order to achieve final geometries and tolerances required by the customer.


OMES actual rings production is around 8.000 pcs/year for hard steel and 3.000 pcs/year for Widia products.


Technical data

  • ID: from 76 to 600 mm / OD: from 100 to 650 mm
  • Heights: up to 150 mm
  • Materials:
    • Steel: case-hardened steel (18ncd5), tempered steel (1.2842 – 1.3505), tool steels (1.2080 – 1.2379)
    • Widia: ISO K01 – K05 – K10
  • Hardness:
    • Steels: from 60 to 64 HRC
    • Widia: from 1.600 to 1.850 HV10 (87 – 93 HRA)