The company was established in 1949, as an artisan manufacturing company producing mechanical and printing devices and stamping iron products from slit coils.
In 1975, the company was taken over by the present ownership who named it OMES and who developed the manufacturing of components for grinding and abrasive wheels, focusing the company core business in this market.
At present OMES is the only company in the field able to offer its customers both stamped products (like bushings for cut and grinding wheels, flanges for flap wheels and pressed aluminium plates) and products manufactured by numeric control and traditional tool machineries (like pins, moulding rings and compression plates with and without vulkolan). In the last 20 years, OMES increased its expertise in the grinding operation of the hard metal components (tungsten of carbide).
The constantly renewed machineries and equipments are accurately followed with meticulous maintenance programs to ensure consistent levels of quality and compliance with the timing of delivery. The completeness of the range and the high quality of the products, together with the prompt service offered to customers, have enabled the company to consolidate in the years its presence in foreign markets, resulting in more than 200 customers in over 30 countries.
Moreover, thanks to the ERP system, OMES is able to monitor the traceability of all its products through a careful production planning, able to ensure prompt and high level service to its customers.
The current plant in Collegno has an area of about 4.500 sqm, of which 2.800 sqm are covered and divided into two communicating buildings: in the first one, built in 2004 by OMES itself, the pressing Dpt. and the loading/unloading warehouse are located; in the second one, purchased in 2018, but as well built in 2004, the mechanical working Dpt. is located, including the metrology room.