OMES offers a wide range of components for coated abrasives as follows:


Inserts for fiber discs: thanks to the particular shape of the inside diameter, these inserts are screwed on a 5/8” thread or M14 if requested. Mounting the insert on the fiber disc is easy, the 6 prongs are folded outwards to ensure the correct grip between the insert and the fiber disc.
Metal flanges for flap wheels with bore: offered in more than 30 different types.
Roloc and Socatt quick-lock buttons.
Plastic Cores for nonwoven wheels.
Widia cutting knives, for lamellar flap wheels.


OMES actual production is around: 1.000.000 pcs/year for Fiber discs inserts, 200.000 pcs/year for metal flanges for flap wheels, about 6.000.000 pcs/year overall for Socatt and Roloc quick-lock systems, 100.000 pcs/year related to plastic bushings for nonwoven wheels and 2.000 pcs/year for the Widia cutting knives.


Technical data

  • Inserts for fiber discs:
    • OD: 38mm; M14 or 5/8”
    • Material: pre-galvanized iron, thk. 0,9 mm
    • Offered with or without the 6 triangular prongs
  • Metal flanges for flap wheels:
    • ID: from 16 mm to 105 mm
    • Material: pre- or post- pressing galvanization
    • Thickness: from 0,6 mm to 1,5 mm
  • “Roloc” quick-lock buttons:
    • OD: 3 sizes: 16 / 19 / 29 mm
    • Material: Nylon 6
  • “Socatt” quick-lock buttons:
    • OD: 2 sizes: 19 / 29 mm
    • Material: pre-galvanized iron, thk. 0,5 mm
  • Plastic Cores for nonwoven wheels:
    • Material: PPT 40
    • Dimensions: L 50 and L 100
  • Widia cutting knives:
    • Material: K01
    • Dimensions: as per customer’s request